Ravensburger is in the southwest of Germany. In this region of the Swabian, the Park of leisure is between Ravensburger and the lake Constance. This park is opened to the public of the whole world and receives the children from three years accompanied with their family. He measures approximately 25 hectares, and possesses the biggest playroom of the whole world.

Come to visit this Disneyland Allemand which is to Ravensburger. You will not get lost in the puzzle of RAVENSBURGER, cards will help you and you can visit her but a day will not be enough for you. So much Ravensburger is a city full of leisure activities and entertainments for your children; you will discover it seven spaces to themes with sixty attractions which your children will not miss to adore. They will dream about pleasures and about shivers in Ravensburger Spieleland.

Leisure park Ravensburger Spieleland: of the adventure, the game and the action by the lake of Constance
This place was designed for the flight in the space where the children can have fun breathtaking in the Labyrinth of the flight Memory or in fireman’s game as well as the roller coasters and still the other games which will make them beat the heart.

Many novelties are at the disposal of your children:

« Buntes-SchokoHaus » is a place to savor the chocolate. The children will teach to the Workshop of the chocolate how it works since the cocoa until the obtaining of the chocolate that we consume. « Kunterbunte Spielewelt » offers you all the leading board games Ravensburger. On the other hand the children can crunch bear cubs marshmallows and many of the other candies there which go them delight.

Your children will be the guest of « Intended world » in whom they will get dressed as cosmonaut to make a tour on the moon and the space in « Galaxy Racer » stock-photo-17002316-nervous-astronaut-boy

The world of the discovery mouse and the elephant is very advised. This park has a surface of 5.000 m ². Your children will be amazed by movies with 3D of mouse, routes of équillibre and escalation with elephant, either in the submarine world of striped dolphins

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The meetings not to be missed with Käpt’ n Blaubä, theater of the forest, the panic in the henhouse, the rodeo, the meadows of jumps

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You will also discover it the green oasis of RAVENSBURGER

The day will not end easily to Ravenburger because your children will not stop asking you to go to visit all the centers of games and leisure activities of Ravensburger.

Then I wish you good day and have fun