A life builds up itself from the moment when one male and female gamete merges to form an egg. The egg begins its development in the third extern of the fallopian tube. Then the egg changes form little by little where it divides in two then in four and so on by mitosis to migrate finally to the womb where it hides into the internal cavity of the membrane of the womb. At the end of a few days he takes the form of a bunch of grapes and is called morula. He forms a liquid specially secreted by the human body of in the activation of the hormone of pregnancy for the survival of the foetus called liquid amniotic. The foetus develops there little by little centimeter by centimeter until its forward eviction. At the moment the baby gets free of this pocket with waters and makes his first appearance in the land of the living.



As soon as a woman carries a baby in the stomach it is the pregnancy. In 90 % of the cases the stop of the menstruations means pregnancy. He is going to need to get ready morally because at the moment begin the adulthood where we assume his responsibilities alone or with his partner. It is the moment there when the woman needs the support of her husband. Usually a pregnancy is the fruit of mutual love. If one of the couples was forced by rape either the girl deceived the boy by her charms to couple with the aim of trapping him and when the boy notices it he will push away the girl even if she is pregnant of him either the boy wanted to use the girl for his sexual needs and the girl was assaulted unintentionally and carries in spite of her the fruit of forced love, the boy does not realize it. In both cases the pregnancy was not wanted. If the pregnancy was wanted the mother-to-be will not have pain to assume its responsibilities otherwise, what is not very recommended she will resort to the abortion. But the abortion is forbidden by the law on the other hand the doctors of family planning designed contraceptives to protect the mothers of the not deliberate pregnancies. Nevertheless, the religion forbids him formally because a human being is not an animal without reasoning which couples whenever and which conceives no matter how. For the Christians the sexual act is a holy act which received God’s blessing even if love is often an uncontrollable feeling. We conceive when we want him at the moment wanted by the couples by following the directives of the priest according to the behavior or the attitudes to be taken in period of heat during the premarital trainings of the church.

Many changes will be brought in the face of the pregnant woman. Suddenly the pond gets ready for the nidation. The headland takes the form of a guitar which the rounding in the shape of nest to be ready to receive the baby. Channels galactophore swell of milk what enlarges its breasts. The woman well has to hatch her young from the first and second month of pregnancy because at the moment the risks of abortion are frequent. Avoid the too strong exercises and rest as soon as she feels tired. Towards the 3rd month she begins to have nausea and feels the need to vomit. At the moment her body makes the gratitude of another body within his and what she has to accept.